Prayer for my Future Family

Dear God,

I pray for a husband that fears you, that loves and respects you, that prays to you, and that trusts fully in you. When something goes wrong, he will come to you FIRST. I pray that he is generous, and loves people. That he gives his time serving people. That he is passionate about changing the world, in big or small ways. I pray that he is not only “book smart,” but that he is “life smart,” and full of wisdom. That he has goals and aspirations, and that he is driven to continually take proactive steps to make those things happen. I pray he has a heart that is willing to always become better, as we change and grow ourselves together. God, I pray for a man that will protect and love me. A man that will only have eyes for me. That he will cherish me, and guard me. I pray he would love my weird and crazy self, and never allow me to get too serious about life. That he will hold me and comfort me when I am hurting, and be my solid rock. A man I can respect, and that respects himself and others.  A confident, but humble man. A gentle leader. I pray that he would be a great father to my children. He would teach my kids who Jesus is, and show them by his actions how to follow Him. That he would have patience with our children and love them in a way that Christ loves us. I pray he would be a man that is quick to ask forgiveness. I pray he is a man of great wisdom. One who others can look up to and count on for advice, including myself. I pray for a man that will never stop pursuing me. Someone I can call my very best friend, that I can spend the rest of my life adventuring and laughing with.

Father, as I’m asking for a man of near perfection… help me to be the woman that this man deserves. That I would encourage him, support him, cherish him, and love him. That I would help him to be the best him that he can be. Please help me to be patient, kind, and forgiving. I pray I would be understanding and see his side of things as well. That I would keep my mind and heart solely for him. I pray I will remain a strong woman, but I will allow him to be the head of my house and my leader. That you would help me to not be stubborn, and I would listen to his advice. I pray that I would be a woman that fears and reverences you. That I would put you number one in my life, in my family, and in my relationships. That I would be quick to obey your voice, the FIRST time. That I would trust you in all circumstances. I pray you would help me to continually change and always work on bettering myself. That I will continue to be driven, and hardworking. I pray that I would be a great mother. That I would love my children and teach them the ways of The Lord. I pray I can have grace with them, and be exactly what they need. I pray I am an inspiration to them, and I can be a good example for them to follow. That I can be a great mother and a wonderful friend.

Lord, I pray for my children. I pray that they would never doubt your goodness. In every situation, that they would trust you, and know that you have their best interest at heart. I pray they would rely on you as their source. They would pray, and mountains would be moved, that they would see miracles! I pray they would make a difference in the world. That you would protect them from the corruption of the world, and give them the strength to resist temptation. That they would be set apart. They would not be ashamed of living a holy life, but that they would walk in confidence of who they are. I pray that if they choose different paths, that you would always direct them back to you. I pray they would find favor with whoever they meet. That their light would shine greatly, and those around them will be attracted to the beautiful spirit inside of them. I pray they would read their Bibles and know the thoughts you have for them. Protect and guide them through their lives. Lord surround them with good people, that will love them, lift them up, and encourage them. I pray they would be blessed and favored. That they would struggle only enough to keep them trusting in you. I pray you would help them to be humble, gracious, compassionate, generous, creative, smart, and loving.

In Jesus name, Amen

-Melissa J. Soule