25 Things I Learned from My Mother


1) Be exactly what you want to be, even if the world tells you differently.

2) No amount of money can buy you happiness. If you do something, you love, then you will always be happy, regardless of the paycheck.

2) Treat every single person with respect, wealthy or poor, red yellow black and white. We are ALL God’s children, and no one is greater than another.

3) Stand up for yourself, and do not allow others to put you down.

4) Get your work done first, then play after.

5) ALWAYS say thank you.

6) Allow others in your life to challenge you to be better.

7) Choose joy in all situations.

8) Help those that will never be able to help you back.

9) When you start a project, finish it before moving onto the next.

10) Don’t sweat the small stuff.

11) Be quick to apologize, and ready to forgive. Bitterness only hurts you.

12) Always defend what is right.

13) Be an encouraging person, and lift people up. Use your words to speak life!

14) You are the sum of the 10 closest people in your life!

15) Be your quirky self! Never be afraid of people seeing the “real you”, they either like it or they don’t. Their loss if not.

16) Never stop learning and growing.

17) Work on always being a better and better person.

18) The way you treat yourself is the way others will treat you. Respect yourself!

19) No matter what, always tell the truth. A lie is never worth it in the end.

20) Your attitude is everything.

21) People are always watching your life. Be a good example.

22) HAVE FUN! Life wasn’t made to be boring. Throw dirt, jump on beds, spray water in the kitchen… because you can! Never take life too seriously, and laugh often.

23) A few great friends are more important than a multitude that only cares about you when it’s convenient.

24) Be content wherever you are in life.

25) Lastly, the greatest thing my mother ever taught me was how to follow Jesus. Not just by her words, but by how she lives her life. That has changed everything.

-Melissa Soule