Our Story

Melissa Soule

Guys, I’M ENGAGED, and I’ve never been happier! Many people have asked about our story, so I figured I would write a blog about it. Below are the photos that our excellent friend/photographer Brittanee Taylor captured of the proposal.

Andrew and I met 6 years ago volunteering at a canned food drive in Beverly Hills. I was 19, and he had just turned 20. Being a Northwest girl, I had made a promise to myself never to date an LA boy, but fate would have it a different way. He asked me out shortly after via social media, which I blew off nicely. I was totally into him but didn’t think a guy as attractive as him could possibly be a genuinely good guy. (I’ve never been so happy to be wrong though!) Fast forward 5 years and I was living in Tijuana Mexico volunteering at an orphanage. I would come up to my dad’s lake house in SoCal on the weekends where his cousin ironically had a lake house as well that he would visit on the weekends. Through social media again we reconnected and realized we were consistently within a few miles from each other. He once more asked if we could “hang out”, and I finally agreed.

One time was all it took! I had this insane feeling in the pit of my stomach that he might be the one! I told a girlfriend of mine that night “I think going to marry him,” and she told me I was crazy. 🙂 He asked me on an “official” date a week later. Our first date he brought his guitar, and we sang worship songs together on the beach and talked about Jesus all night. I knew for sure that I had found my missing puzzle piece. Nothing in my life had felt more right. The next date we were discussing marriage, children, and having a life together. (This is freaking stuff of the movies I kid you not.) But somehow it didn’t feel like a childish love, it was logical and rational all at the same time. I had found the most compatible person I had ever met. There was a type of supernatural peace (which still hasn’t faded) that surpassed all of the giddy Jr. High butterfly feelings. Like it was my destiny, the one that God personally handpicked just for me. A feeling I have not ever felt before nor knew existed.

Almost 3 months later the man of my dreams proposed to me. Andrew had planned the most romantic proposal in Laguna Beach. The day of the proposal he arranged a beautiful beach home to stay in, we went shopping for a new outfit (worn in the pictures), and then he had his sister take me to get my nails done. After our nails, we were told to meet Andrew down by the beach. I’ll never forget the look on his face as I started walking to him, that adorable blushing smile with the greatest dimples on earth. I walked to where he was, surrounded by candles in mason jars & flowers, with a set up of champagne on the side. He got down on one knee and told me that he knew 5 years before that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He proceeded with the sweetest speech I had ever heard pouring out so much of his heart. He opened the box with the most special ring that he had custom created. There was a photographer in the bushes, and some of our family and friends watching from afar. After a quick celebration and beach shoot, we commenced the night with a celebratory dinner with some of our loved ones. It was absolutely perfect!