Aisle Walk

When a father walks his daughter down the aisle each and every step represents walking through so many moments and memories through their life. For mine… we had a rough start to the aisle walk, my dress had a malfunction with the petticoat, and my veil got caught on my dress and fell off. I was trying so hard not to laugh hysterically and keep my “composure.” But that totally represented so much of my life walk with my father. We had a rough start as he took me in as his own daughter at 6 years old, half of my life was a constant malfunction, and nothing I ever expected turned out the way I planned. But in both situations, my dad was right there by me walking as proudly as ever through every step of the way, and there to catch me when I stumbled. When I told my dad my crazy plans for my life he never once questioned me, doubted me, or pressured me to go in a different or more “normal” direction. He believed in me, inspired me, encouraged me, motivated me, and helped me to achieve any dream that I set my heart on (aka a cookie selling business in JR. High, a Headband Company in High School, and a Photography business shortly after graduation). As I know I’m far from an ordinary 25-year-old; I know I’ve been able to live the way that I have because my dad never once tried to get my head out of the clouds, he simply handed me a ladder and held it steady for me.

The image above was at the end of our walk before he handed me off to my now husband. To me, it represented the end of a rough but beautiful chapter of my life with my father. He had done all that he could do to raise me to the best of his ability to that point, and at that moment was saying I was now ready to start this new season of my life. As he’s been my authoritative father, in that hand-off moment, his role then switched to a mentor and friend. It’s been such a neat thing ever since to see our relationship grow in a whole new way.

If a picture can say a thousand words, that’s as least what this picture says to me.

Happy Father’s Day Dad! I’m honored to be called your daughter.

Melissa Aziz-Soule

(Thank you for capturing this beautiful moment Gavin Crews!)