Hello! My name is Melissa, and I am so glad you found my blog. Welcome to a bit of my life. I was born in Los Angeles, moved to Salt Lake, grew up mainly in Seattle, moved to Georgia, spent time in Africa, a few months in New York, lived a bit in Tijuana, and now back I’m back in where it all started in sunny California.  My story is far from pretty, but through God’s miraculous redemption, I am living out my dreams. I’ve owned a photography company for 8 years which has been a blast (www.melissajsoule.com), I have recently embarked on a fun journey running a blog/online store, but my truest passion is ministry to people. My greatest desire is to serve God’s children, and for all people to come to the knowledge and truth of the incredible God that I worship. I created this blog to encourage, motivate, challenge, and empower anyone that happens to stumble upon it. I hope today to have been able to do just that in your life. Thank you for stopping by! Keep in touch.


-Melissa Aziz (Soule)